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Magnolia Company Video Production

Highly specialized professional staff

The Magnolia Company has staff with long years of production experience in TV programming and commercials, as well as experts in digital and other media production. Their accumulated skills and knowhow help to create visuals that are fresh and original.

Effective video based on research and interviews

By researching both Japanese and overseas target audiences, as well as the market situation, customs, and culture of the target country, we create promotional videos for products and companies that are both attractive and informationally accurate.

Our own studio

From digital 4K editing and subtitling, to audio recording and Pro Tools for dubbing, our studio is a unique one-stop solution that’s responsive to your production needs.

Our own studio

We handle all types of material

Corporate and product videos

Motion pictures have the power to communicate your business or product in a multitude of ways.

Staff training

Training videos are a great tool for HR training programs. Visuals can add a level of detail and immediacy that makes content easier to absorb.

Events and trade shows

Videos can add life to events, helping to create a sense of unity among the participants. At trade shows, a video presentation can provide enhanced impact and get your aims and ideas across more effectively.


Corporate videos that make your company shine to potential recruits.
We use a range of techniques to produce corporate videos that will appeal to their target audience, particularly a younger demographic.

TV production

We have a strong track record of producing a variety of TV programs for both Japanese and overseas broadcast markets.

Commercial production

Whether for TV or the Web, we produce commercials for Japanese and overseas markets. We offer various production options, including live action, animation, and CG.

We’re not a translation company,
but we make videos in 30 different languages.

We create multilingual content to get your message across in Japan and around the globe.
This is what The Magnolia Company does best.
We have specialized skills in video production and video translation to create content for distribution both domestically and overseas.
Video translation is more than just changing the language, requiring specialized skills and knowledge, but that’s not all.
Based on our experience and achievements, Magnolia Company has recognized that creating content for overseas markets requires more than just changing the language.
Japanese “common sense” is sometimes no good overseas.
In video production we make a conscious effort to try to avoid things that people overseas may not like or understand.
Here are some examples:

Japanese food is popular overseas, but in Western Europe it is not customary to hold a dish in your hands while you eat.
It may be seen as rude or vulgar.

Blood type is a favorite discussion topic among Japanese women.
But asking someone from overseas what their blood type is will leave them nonplussed.

Casual behavior can also cause more serious misunderstandings.
Try waving your outstretched hand at a server to get his or her attention in a restaurant.
If you’re in Germany or the surrounding countries, you may get some frosty looks.
You have unwittingly made a Nazi salute.

To the contrary, we also use images of uniquely Japanese things that, while completely ordinary here, are surprisingly popular with overseas audiences.
In this way, we have devised a non-verbal means of expression for video content.

A wealth of experience and achievements

We handle a variety of productions, including TV programs, commercials, promotional videos for companies or products, training videos, recruiting videos, and video displays for events and exhibitions.
We’re a one-stop shop for video production, video translation and studio recording, allowing us to provide fast service with attention to every detail.
We have an extensive list of satisfied customers.