Magnolia Company

We are not a translation company,
but we produce videos
in 30 different languages.

A video production company handling more than 30 languages

The Magnolia company specializes in video production in Japanese as well as many other languages for worldwide distribution.
We currently handle more than 30 languages.
That said, we are not a translation company.

The Magnolia Company is a Japanese video production firm with specialized skills in video production and video translation producing content for both domestic and overseas markets.

Superior video translation

The skills required for video translation go beyond those needed for mere textual translation.
Unlike books or other documents it’s impossible to go back and re-read, since videos move along a linear timeline.
So, translating for video requires specialized skills and knowledge that goes beyond mere translation.

Based on our experience and achievements, The Magnolia Company has recognized that creating content for overseas markets requires more than just changing the language.
Japanese “common sense” is sometimes no good overseas.
Some things considered “obvious” in Japan may not be so overseas and vice versa.
Precise understanding is needed to know the difference.

Major Clients