Translation for audiovisual material

Translating audiovisual material calls for specialized skills. The translator must be able to understand the culture and customs underlying the dialogue or narration. With a deep understanding of both the visual medium and the language, they put their skills to work to devise the best way to express things in another language. The Magnolia Company can also provide high-quality translations for pamphlets, websites, and other documentation. We also offer translation services in low-incidence languages.


Languages we handleWe can also offer services in low-incidence languages.

English, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Dutch, German, Ukrainian, Greek, Croatian, Swedish, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Czech, Danish, Norwegian, Hungarian, Finnish, Bulgarian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Quechua, Aymara, Gaelic

Japanese, Cantonese, Shanghainese, Taiwanese, Mandarin, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Khmer, Urdu, Hindi, Bengali, Filipino (Tagalog), Malay, Burmese, Mongolian, Laotian

Arabic, Lugandan, Kurdish, Swahili, Hebrew, Turkish, Persian

Translation solutions

Translation of standalone audiovisual works

Subtitling, dubbing and other specialized translation

We localize all kinds of video content using our depth of experience and expertise in subtitling, voice-over and dubbing translation. We deal in over 50 languages, from well-known to low-incidence, so feel free to contact us with any request.

Translation of audiovisual material

Into and out of over 50 languages

We can translate video material shot in other countries into the languages you need. After breaking the script down into short, time-coded sections, the translation is carefully devised to match the images and sound. As we deal in over 50 languages, from well-known to low-incidence, feel free to contact us with any request.

Document translation and interpreting

All kinds of text translation

We accept requests for all kinds of document translation, including instruction manuals, proposals, and websites. We can also help out with the dispatch of interpreters for broadcast jobs.

Overseas research

High-quality research, local language support

Let us help you with research and language support for your overseas reports and shoots. We use our own network, and also link up with consulting firms with local entities on the ground. We can offer high-quality research and language support, including local interpreters. We work to meet the needs of companies aiming to move into overseas markets, and film and television companies wanting to shoot abroad.