We need experienced video producers and audiovisual translators!
  • Directors (preference given to candidates proficient in English)
  • Audiovisual translators (into and out of Japanese from other languages)
  • Native speakers of languages other than Japanese (preference given to candidates with experience in audiovisual translation)
We are also looking for skilled, professional native-speaking actors and narrators.
  • Foreign-language actors (native speakers)
  • Foreign-language narrators (native speakers)
  • Japanese-language narrators

If you are interested in becoming an audiovisual creator or translator, or a narrator or actor for Magnolia, either contact us through the web contact form below or call us, and we can give your more details.

We will ask you to send in your resume (including details of the work you have done to date). If we proceed to hire, we will enter into a services agreement with you or your legal entity. We look forward to hearing from you.

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